Introduction of Film to Community-10

Dear Felix

Every business needs a copy center they can depend on. Whether you need color prints, name tags, lamination services, business cards, or anything else, time can be of essence, and quality is essential. For years companies have been relying on Plinko’s Copies to meet all of their copy needs.

Our services include:

•Fast turnaround (usually 30 minutes or less)

•24-hour pickup and delivery on orders of Rs.1000 or more

•Wide range of printing capabilities

•High quality paper

•Variety of blends, weight, and colors to choose from

•Corporate accounts are available

We would like to announce the grand opening of Plinko’s new store next week.

You will receive a 5% discount on all of you orders for the first year when opening a new account at Plinko’s. Enclosed is a brochure listing services, options, and prices available through Plinko’s. If you have any questions or would like to speak to one of our agents please call (512) 555-2847. Let Plinko’s help you today.


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