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Dear Felix

Chaudhari Consulting provides full-service contract database development services to busy corporate departments. Major organizations like Ibsen Electronics, CG&V, Inc., and Augur Aeronautics have turned to us for their needs.

What makes us different from other firms is that we actually use developers with backgrounds in our clients’ industries rather than simply hiring anyone with programming experience. The hard-to-complete jobs such as creating multimillion-record databases custom-made for heavy industry are our specialty. Our process involves three phases for completion:

• Design, including a detailed schedule of development

• Development, with regular reports on progress and modifications to original design

• Testing, with the actual end-users of the product

We know how to work all phases of the development process because every member of our firm has a strong history as both programmer and project manager.

Our efficient methods can actually reduce your in-house cost to converting existing databases to entirely new systems. We can even train your own staff members to be your in-house technical support.

We charge a flat hourly rate rather than a percentage and our staff is available to work anywhere to fit your particular needs–on your schedule.

We would be delighted to have you speak with our clients. Call us at 1-800-555-4343 for further information.


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