Follow to Phone - Follow Up to Appointment-24

Dear Felix

Thanks for taking time to meet with Kiran Hegde and me on Tuesday to discuss your concerns about our meeting your direct-mail printing deadline. I think we now have a much better understanding of some of the issues you are facing in the next several months. My intention is to improve the existing relationship through better communications and customer service.

During our meeting you requested information on our Docuquick service. I have attached the appropriate literature to describe each model and its unique feature. After reviewing this material, please call me if you have questions about “translating” these features to your specific site.

I have also asked Ishita Batra, our customer service representative, to give you a call to discuss the upcoming deadlines.

Again, thank you for your time. We at Qualiprint look forward to working with your organization. Both Kiran and I will follow up with you within the next month.


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