Follow to Phone - Follow Up to Appointment-13

Dear Felix

Thank you for taking the time to meet with Ravi Thakur and me yesterday. We were both very impressed with your organization and what you’ve accomplished personally and collectively.

I’ve addressed some of the outstanding issues that we discussed:

•Our crew will deliver and install all the equipment the week of June 22.

•You will have the required plumbing and electrical changes completed by June 17.

•Our service technician will be in your plant on a full-time basis from June 17 until the end of July to assure that the changeover is accomplished without incident.

You also asked about our product guarantees. I’d like to re-emphasize that we stand behind our equipment without exception. In other words, our guarantees are good for as long as you own the product.

A contract will be forwarded to you as soon as it has been completed.

I’ll be back in touch with further information about these issues within the week.


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