Follow to Phone - Follow Up to Appointment-11

Dear Felix

Thank you for rearranging your schedule to see me on Wednesday. I appreciated your briefing me on your long-range plans for Seismico and your desire to outsource a portion of your internal software development. We view your needs as those of a company positioning itself to launch into the next generation, and we believe we can help you.

Essentially, if I understand you clearly, your needs for the next year will be:

•to complete your current employment identification system in-house

•to turn-over your security system code to our development staff for completion by July 17

•to begin efforts on your contract automation project with us by May 1

We can meet those needs now! If this isn’t reason enough to make a decision to contract our team immediately let me offer you two more:

•We will work on your employment identification system upgrade at an apprentice rate to fix any bugs in your system.

•We guarantee that our programs will be completed error free within 2 weeks of your deadline, or we will continue to perform at no charge until you are satisfied.

We want to position Technical Services, Inc. in your mind as a company that adds significant value to the marketplace. We want you to think of us as the company that can solve your outsourcing problems and fill your development needs this year and in the coming decade.

The week of April 15, I’ll plan to give you another call to discuss the next step.


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