Follow to Phone - Follow Up to Appointment-8

Dear Felix

I think we spent productive time together–time that should provide an outline for longer; more detailed planning on how our teams can best work together.

As you requested, Jagruti will provide for you, in the next few days, a list of our area sales team as well as a contact list for your strategic staff.

Below is a list of other information that I’ll be providing in the next few weeks:

• Contact information on your product support representatives

• Upgrade paths for your existing products

• Training dates for your help desk staff

In reflecting on our conversation, I did not discuss one important issue. Let me mention that because you are currently planning on purchasing 250 units, your company will qualify for an additional training session free of charge during the next year. You may want to consider waiting to take advantage of this opportunity later in the third quarter so that your staff will have had some time to explore the product and gain a higher-than-beginner level of training.

Just in case we do not “connect” in the next few weeks, I wish you and your whole team a very happy holiday season. I’m looking forward to our next meeting.


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