Follow to Phone - Follow Up to Appointment-2

Dear Felix

As we discussed last Wednesday, I’m enclosing a copy of a data sheet on disk duplicators for your in-house newsletter distribution. This same disk duplicator can often reduce test time and improve the quality of disk error interpretation. In fact, many of our customers have been able to reduce their test time by up to 45 percent.

I’ll plan to call you again the week of June 2, after you’ve had time to review how our product may be able to improve your duplication capabilities

Let me recap some of the issues we discussed that will have direct impact on your immediate decision:

Speed: The Megadisk will allow you to duplicate 45 disks per minute vs. your current equipment that duplicates at a rate of 10 disks per minute.

Failure Rate: The Megadisk has a failure rate of .001 percent vs. the 2 percent that you are experiencing with your current equipment.

Technical Support: The Megadisk comes with one year of free technical support.

I appreciate your interest in our disk duplicator, Jatin. I look forward to discussing your needs and our equipment again in a few weeks.


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