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Dear Felix

Thank you for your interest in discussing disability assistance products on Tuesday morning with me.

I hope I left you with a favorable impression of our portable wheelchair ramps and water fountain access equipment products. After your comments about providing convenient methods for navigating through your building for your new employee, I investigated further how the equipment can help you:

•By installing either the portable or permanent ramps for your entrances, you will be helping your new employee, and also opening the door for future opportunities for future physically challenged employment candidates.

•With the latest regulations for equal opportunity in your county, it seems inevitable that you will need to upgrade your facility at some point anyway.

•Although we have yet to announce this policy to the public formally, we will be increasing our prices by 18 percent in the third quarter. By acting now, you will save your company a great deal of money.

As I mentioned, our parent company, Medisales, has long been committed to this industry. Our continuing interest in serving this clientele is extended by our expanding line of other innovative products, such as our unique wheelchair ramps and elevators.

If you have any questions about Medisales products, either of a commercial or a technical nature, please phone me again at 555-5555, and I’ll do my homework for you.


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