Dear Felix

I’m afraid there has been a slight error on our shipment.

Instead of [REQUESTED PRODUCT S, ex. 100 sheets of 8x5 drywall], we received a shipment on [DATE, ex. Wednesday] of [SHIPMENT, ex. 50 sheets of 8x10 drywall]. Enclosed, pleased find [SUPPORTING DOCUMENT ENCLOSURES, ex. a copy of our P.O. #153234] confirming our order. Please check your records to determine whether I am mistaken.

Unfortunately, I must request that our order be canceled. [STATE REASON (S), ex. The time required to re-ship our order will significantly delay our schedule. Accordingly, we have arranged for our painters to provide the drywall through their suppliers.] [STATE WHAT WILL OR HAS BEEN DONE WITH CURRENT SHIPMENT, ex. Your trucks have taken the original shipment back to your premises.]

I regret that we were unable to complete the order. As I am certain this is an isolated incident, however, I look forward to continued business with you in the future.


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