Write a letter for the post of a part-time nursing position.

Dear Sir/Madam

This is in reply to your ad in the news daily (name) dated (---) for the post of a nurse in your hospital (name of hospital). For your review, I am enclosing my updated resume.

As you see from my resume, I have not formally worked in the past 24 months. I have spent time with my children and grandchildren, traveled a bit with my semi-retired husband, and have taken advantage of my free time to hone up my skills by taking up computer courses, advanced nursing techniques, and other personal development-related workshops and seminars.

I am now seeking part-time employment. I am flexible as to the shifts and days I can work, and would like to find a position that would allow me to work about 24 hours per week. I can work three 8-hour shifts or two 12-hour ones. I have excellent letters of reference from my years in the earlier hospitals, accompanying my resume.

I will stop by your office next Tuesday between 2 P.M. and 3 P.M. to fill out your formal application. If you can take a few moments to see me at that time, I would be very grateful. I will call you on Monday to see if this can be arranged.

Thank you for your attention. I am excited about the possibility of returning to ___________


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