Letter to Official - 5

Dear Felix,

As president of the Higher Education Employees of Indiana, I write to you on behalf of our 12,800 members. We are concerned about the budget cuts for the stateā€™s institutions of higher education proposed in SB98-218.

If you do not veto SB98-218, the students of Indiana stand to lose the world class education they now receive. We estimate universities will have to lay off some 2,000 full-time faculty members, increasing class size and decreasing the quality of instruction. Without scholarship money we will lose top candidates to other states or private universities. Libraries and laboratories already strained to capacity will have to scale back services or, perhaps, shut down entirely.

The passage of SB98-218 would be catastrophic for higher education employees, our students, and the future of Indiana. Please, letā€™s not chase our best and brightest out of the state.

We hope we have your support. Could you send a statement to the Higher Education Employees of Indiana explaining your position on this issue? We would like to publish it in our June newsletter.


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