Letter to Official - 1

Dear Felix,

As a long-term campaign supporter and frequent contributor, I am appalled by the recent legislative (HR3980) push to give members of Congress, federal judges, and high-level managers a salary increase. At a time when we are trying to balance the budget–and having little success–the 40 percent increase strikes me as ludicrous.

We believe congressional pay raises should be contingent on actions to reduce the federal deficit. As chief executive officer of my corporation, I believe pay raises for my employees should be based on employee performance. The same should be true of government; Americans have a right to expect the same criterion–performance–for their elected representatives. Our chronic budget deficits are clear indications that Congress is not doing its job in this regard.

I urge you to vote against this pay increase. Would you please release a statement to the press about where you stand on this issue? Our 8,500 employees want to see if Congress works under the same rules and premises of performance as private-sector employees do.

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