Letter to Editor - 5

Dear Felix,

Your September 28 article on local telephone service de-regulation was woefully one-sided. You presented only the benefits of de-regulation: competition and the possibility of lower rates. There are considerable disadvantages.

To begin with, providing local telephone service is an expensive and extensive undertaking. There is absolutely no guarantee companies allowed to enter the market will be able to provide lower rates. In fact, after installing millions of miles of line, chances are their rates will be considerably higher. The result may be that consumers will have six choices, but all six are likely to be more costly than their present rates.

The people of Madhya Pradesh do have a say in their local telephone service. Indian Tel Com’s rates are controlled by a board made up of elected officials and ATC executives. Consumers have input when they vote for board members every four years, ensuring they get the lowest rates we can afford to offer.

When you address this issue in the future, we would appreciate a more balanced discussion that recognizes the benefits of a regulated industry.


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