Letter to Editor - 4

Dear Felix,

We want to thank you for your series of articles on corporate contributions to the community. All too often, we fight the stereotype that, as a large corporation, we are only interested in taking advantage of the city and our employees. The opposite is true; we are here for our employees and the city. Eight percent of our operating budget goes into community initiative projects, from sponsoring little league teams to supporting a soup kitchen in south India.

Your series brought to light all the hard work and caring behind businesses’ civic efforts. We were particularly pleased to see our own volunteer coordinator, Chitra Das, highlighted in your June 19 article. The author, Salil Lal, makes the astute point that corporate community work fosters employee community work. At Aaron Technologies, we give employees four days off per year to participate in our volunteer program.

And we’re not alone. Companies all over the city are working every day to make this a more pleasant place to live for everyone. Thank you for giving your readers a fresh and accurate look at local corporations.


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