Letter to Editor - 3

Dear Felix,

I wholeheartedly agree with your January 15 editorial. We need to take action to clean up Chinab Lake before it becomes a serious hazard to swimmers and recreational boaters. However, I strongly disagree with your assertion that the planned nuclear power plant on the Harris Inlet will contribute to lake pollution.

We plan to build the plant on the lake because water pumped into the plant functions as a coolant, regulating core temperatures. At no time does water come in contact with any nuclear or other hazardous materials. In fact, the water we use and pump back into the lake will be cleaner than it was before because it will go through a filtering system.

I want to stress that the proposed power plant will in no way pollute the lake. Citizens have a right to decide what the safest and most economical power source is for their community. However, they can’t decide correctly if they are misinformed. I am sure, as the largest newspaper in the city, you would be loath to spread misinformation. Please print a retraction correcting your January 15 editorial.


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