Invitations- Extending invitation to Event - 2

Dear Felix,

You are cordially invited to attend a small meeting and luncheon on April 2 to meet His Excellency Ambassador Mitesh Das from Tamilnadu. The Ambassador’s first visit to the country is being cosponsored by the international division of the Palm Club and by Mittal Associates.

The Ambassador has asked me to arrange a luncheon at which he could meet you and a dozen other leading business people. In addition to meeting the business leaders and seeing the city firsthand, the Ambassador’s purpose is to explain the economic situation in Tamilnadu and to discuss possible areas of foreign investment.

We are confident the Ambassador will leave Manipur favorably impressed. As Tamilnadu is becoming increasingly important to our community, I hope you will be present or will be represented by another senior member of your organization.

We’ll appreciate your reply by March 2. Because I will be out of town for most of the next month, please direct any questions you may have to Vice President Rameshchandra Vora (123-4567). We would also be happy to relay any suggestions you may have for the Ambassador to include in his discussions.


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