Invitations- Accepting invitation to Speak - 3

Dear Felix,

Thank you for the invitation to act as a guest lecturer at your investments seminar. I just had an opening for March 3 become available in my calendar, and I can think of no better way to fill it.

Thank you also for your kind invitation to participate in the remainder of the conference after I have finished my 8:30 a.m. presentation. The Sahara does an excellent job with seminar planning, and I’m sure they will make yours an enjoyable one.

As for me, I will do my part to ensure it is also an informative one. I would like to discuss investment strategies, and it would help me a great deal if I knew the general level of expertise of the audience. I don’t want to bore experienced investors with the basics but neither do I want to overwhelm beginners with some of the latest high-risk ventures. Your information will help me plan accordingly.

I will require an overhead projector and a projector screen. I’ll provide you with informational packets when I have chosen the appropriate level of material for my audience. I can have the packets to you three days after I receive your audience analysis. Thank you for your kind offer of making the necessary copies.

Thank you too, for the offer of airfare, but I must admit that I do not like to fly—I prefer to take the train. Would it be acceptable for you to pay what the plane ticket would have cost towards train fare? If the train is more expensive, I will gladly pay the balance.

I am honored by your request, and will do my best to help ensure the conference is a success.

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