Invitations- Accepting invitation to Speak - 2

Dear Felix,

Thank you for inviting me to address your students at the upcoming Student Interpreters Association Conference on June 2 at 9:00 a.m. I am pleased to accept.

As a deaf individual, I am aware of how beginning interpreters sometimes know very little about deaf culture. I feel the more they understand, the more effectively they can do their job. And their job is a critical one, because it provides us a link to the non-signing world. I would like, then, to address some aspects of deaf culture that may be unfamiliar to your students.

Do you think we could reserve one of the corner lecture rooms in Sony Hall? The elevated seating would be ideal with so many people attending.

Thank you also for the invitation of a car to take me to campus—I am flattered. However, I planned to be on campus in the morning anyway, so the car will not be necessary.

I look forward to the conference.

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