Demand for Clarification - 4

Dear Felix,

On the evening news, reporter Mahesh Naik stated during a story that our company, Thakkar, Inc., was planning to move into your area and, "open a plant along the Vapi River that would constitute a possible health hazard … due to the large number of toxic chemicals they use during production."

We would like to suggest Mr. Naik check the accuracy of his sources a bit more closely. It is indeed true that Thakkar will soon be moving to your area. However, we are an independent bookseller, with plans to open a store on Market Square (10 miles north of the Vapi River). Furthermore, Tellers, Inc. has nothing to do with the manufacturing of books. I believe Mr. Naik was referring to Thakkar, Inc., a glue factory that has scouted potential production sites along the Vapi River but has yet to make any firm commitment.

Thakkar, Inc. is proud of its recycling efforts. We are an environmentally-sensitive company, pro-active in community affairs, and sponsor an "after school book program" for at-risk youth.

We do not feel we are being unreasonable in asking for not only a retraction, but also an apology for such erroneous information, especially as it could have a negative effect on our store opening.


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