Dear Felix

I’m confident that you have been pleased with the performance of your [PRODUCT, ex. Magna flux compressor] during the past [DURATION, ex. two years] and are looking forward to several more years of efficient use.

However, I would like to remind you that the warranty on your [PRODUCT, ex. compressor] is about to expire. [REASSURE QUALITY, BUT MENTION NEED FOR MAINTENANCE/REPAIR, ex. Although our compressors are of extremely high quality, with tight tolerances designed to last through several years of use, they may require maintenance to ensure efficient operation.] For $[AMOUNT, ex. 725], our [DURATION, ex. one year] warranty extension plan can potentially save you the cost of an expensive repair in the future. [MENTION DETAILS OF WARRANTY, ex. You’ll be happy to hear that this warranty includes both parts and labor, with onsite repair by our service technicians for your convenience.]

I’ve taken the liberty of enclosing our warranty agreement. I urge you to review and return it before [DATE, ex. June 30], at which time your existing warranty expires and your eligibility for the extension lapses.

Thank you for your business. Please call me at XXX-XX-XX if I can be of any assistance.


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