Dear Felix

I am confident that you are pleased with the service [PARENT FIRM NAME, ex. Magna Compressors Inc] has had the pleasure to provide you. We hope that [STATE PARENT’S PRODUCT/SERVICE AND HOW IT HAS BENEFITED RECIPIENT, ex. our compressors have helped reduce manufacturing costs at your site, earning you higher profits as a result.]

Allow me to introduce [NEW SUBSIDIARY NAME, ex. Magna Maintenance Inc.], a new subsidiary of [PARENT FIRM NAME, ex. Magna Compressors Inc.], which specializes in [NATURE OF BUSINESS, ex. servicing our compressors to maximize their efficiency.]

[MENTION PRODUCT/SERVICE WHICH WILL BEST BENEFIT THE RECIPIENT, ex. I believe you will be especially interested in Magna Maintenance’s elite maintenance program, which guarantees repair of all malfunctioning compressor parts within two business days. This will enable you to resume production and increase efficiency in relatively no time. Our technicians will immediately diagnose and repair your problems on-site upon notification.]

[MENTION HOW RECIPIENT CAN CONTACT NEW SUBSIDIARY, ex. Magna Compressors is located at 1223 First Avenue, between Seventh Street and John Boulevard. You can contact me at XXX-XX-XX and I will be pleased to handle any of your requests.]

We look forward to serving you at Magna Compressors Inc.


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