Write a letter applying for a job in the department of health education.

Dear Sir/Madam

I would like to inform you that since days of college, I have been interested in teaching individuals and groups about effective health practices and procedures. In order to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to become a health educator, I have volunteered to work in numerous agencies to gain knowledge and experience first hand.

I have extensive work experience and can easily adjust to any working conditions, independently or as part of a team and am highly motivated to provide an excellent product on time and under budget. I have other useful skills, such as

knowledge of health disorders and their prevention, health rules and regulations, and also adequate knowledge of counseling and teaching principles. I can also serve as a liaison and referral specialist between clients and supportive agencies.

I am, hereby enclosing my resume for your reference. I would highly appreciate if you consider my request for a personal interview at your convenience.

Thanking you,


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