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Letter to Partners to an Information Meeting



As you are aware, ….state name of your organization…… is ……give brief description of your organization…. ……. state name of your organization……. is about taking active steps in mitigating the the disabled citizens of the country. It will work actively, with the support of its members, to promote equal opportunities for persons with disabilities.

……. state name of your organization…….is organizing a consultation meeting on Promotion of Access in Delhi on ……. state date and time of event……. at ……. state venue …….. A selected group of like-minded people have been invited for the meeting, we request you to kindly attend and participate in the same. A note on Disability Audit in ….state name of city/town….. is enclosed for your perusal.

Please RSVP ……. state name of contact person……. to confirm/ regret your presence at the meeting.

We look forward to meeting you.

Yours sincerely,




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