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You are Residing in a Hostel. Write a letter to Your
father giving Details of Your Monthly Expenditure


My dear Father
I am really thankful to you for acceding to my request and increasing my monthly allowance to Rs. 8,000/-. I assure you that I do not waste even a single rupee of your hard-earned money. Given below are the details of my monthly expenditure for your perusal:

1.      Mess charges                :                2500.00

2.     Tuition Fee                    :                3500.00

3.     Laundry                         :                 200.00

4.     Books, stationery etc      :                  800.00

5.     Pocket money                :                  500.00

6.     Miscellaneous                :                  500.00

This will convince you that I am very careful with money.

Pay my regards to dear Mother and love to Rina.

Your loving son





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