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  A1 Letters  






Write a letter for the job of a sales executive.


Dear Sir/Madam




I am writing this as an application for the position of technical sales officer in your company (name). I would like to inform you that my background encompasses both technical and sales abilities.


I am enclosing my resume for your review and you will find that I have worked as a summer intern as an assistant engineer in the field of wastewater treatment. For my various course projects, I have partipated in-depth research on a filtering process that supports wastewater treatment.


As a supplement to my technical skills, I have developed capabilities in the field of sales. I have worked with (name of company) and was named as Number 1 Salesperson during my summer stint with that company.


I will call you in a week's time to explore an opportunity to meet you so that you can review my qualifications and background in greater detail.


Thank you for your kind attention.




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