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Write an Application Letter for a job


Dear Sir/Madam



I am writing this letter as an application for the position of Sales Executive in your company. As you would remember, we met at the Career Fair at (name of college/University) in (place) on (date), where you kindly advised me to get in contact with you with my resume.


As you can see from my resume, I have varied sales experience, in which capacity I have sold a variety of products and have worked in many banking environments through my cooperative education and internship positions. I have good marketing, computer research, and customer relations experiences, as well as good oral and written communication skills. I am sure I would prove to be an asset to your company (name), which has a diverse product line and international scope.


I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you at a mutually convenient date and can be reached at (phone number) to discuss the possibility of an interview.






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