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Write a letter applying for a job as a Sales Representative.





I would like to inform you that recently I had a chance to review  your company brochure, I am confident that I can be an asset to your company and would appreciate if you review my enclosed resume that depicts my sales characteristics and skills.


It is my nature to take on new challenges and I am a committed individual, who takes on the responsibilities with seriousness. I have good communication skills and I am direct in my approach.  I can maintain records and perform numerical calculations with accuracy.



I have good persuasive skills and leadership acumen, which can be highly useful in influencing students, parents and customers in making choices. I am a motivator and organizer and these skills have enabled me to effectively defuse problem situations with customers using tact, thus creating a long-term client base. I have good teamwork spirit, which is necessary for organizational cohesiveness.


I will appreciate if you consider my application for the sales position in your company.  I shall look forward to hearing from you. Thank you in advance for your consideration.







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