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Write a Letter to the Editor of the Newspaper expressing your views on the wasteful expenditure on Inaugural Functions.

Respected Sir,


Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I would like to express my views on the wasteful expenditure on inaugural functions. Such functions have become a routine feature of our life. Since an inaugural function is performed by a V.I.P., a lot of expenditure is incurred on its pomp and show. Also, a lot of money is spent on the usual ceremonial formalities like making arrangements of a well-decorated dais, gate, the costly silken tape, the golden scissors etc.

I don't approve of such ceremonies which are unnecessary and uncalled for. Many persons leave soon after the inauguration ceremony and the eminent persons and speakers on the subject lose interest. The expenditure on such inaugural ceremonies is a national waste because if all the expenses incurred annually on such functions is calculated, it will run into large sums of money. If this amount is spent on beneficial projects like the self-employment schemes, it will help in providing employment.


Thanking you  

Yours truly


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