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Write a Letter to the Edittor of a Local Newspaper, giving your strong views on the disadvantages of a project and making an appeal to the Government to reconsider its decision.


Dear Editor

I read an article in yesterday's newspaper regarding ( govt. authority) decision to build  houses on a piece of land which was previously reserved for building a sport stadium. I wish to express my deep sense of anguish against this decision.

It is no wonder that our country's performance has been disastrous at the (name of games) Games and we perform very poorly in the sports field at international level. This is because we fail to groom our sportsmen as done in the other countries.

The hopes of a stadium in (name of city) would have provided inspiration to many budding sportsmen. However, the decision of the authorities to build a housing complex instead has dampened the spirits of all the sports lovers. The stadium would have provided much space for the growing of many trees it could have been a breathing lung of the city. 

I, therefore, appeal to the authorities to review the decision and build a stadium as earlier decided.




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