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Write a Letter to the Editor giving your strong views against the Government's decision to exclude Cable TV from the purview of the Cinematography.

Dear Editor

Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I want to bring to light my horror at the government's decision to exclude Cable T.V. from the purview of the Cinematography.  

The government's move to exclude Cable TV owners to seek license will have far-reaching consequences in the cultural, social and psychological aspect. In fact, Cable TV has become a strong force to make the children wayward and westernized. The Cable T.V. has the tendency to uproot the children from our age-old cultural and social bonds, and it has become an instrument of cultural invasion. Parents have realized that it has resulted in the erosion of family ties and social relationships. The vulgar body gyrations and bohemian mannerisms have affected our children adversely, as a result, their schooling and natural growth has been hampered. 

The government should review the decision and must chalk out a policy which will check our youth from going astray, otherwise we can visualize the future of our country.




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