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Write a letter to the Editor about the menace of terrorism.

Dear Editor

In your editorial on (date), you talk of declaring war against terrorism, but there has been little discussion of the political fights that must be won to assure victory. We cannot afford to lose the struggle to end proliferation of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. We must realize that although the events of the (day, event) were tragic, but we must face the terrible truth that if the terrorists had acquired and used nuclear weapons, casualties might have been measured in millions instead of thousands.

If the (name of country) is serious about defeating terrorism, we must take the lead in international efforts to inventory and control weapons-grade nuclear material, strengthen the chemical weapons control regime, fully support other countries' nonproliferation efforts and return to negotiations toward a strong and workable biological weapons convention. Let the tragedy of the (day, event) inspire us to action to ensure that an attack of this scale will never again occur.




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