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Write a letter to a Local or National Paper expressing your views on Nuclear Weapons, missile defence, Space Weapon Inaction, or other such issues.

Dear Editor

I am writing this letter with regard to the (date) front-page articles, in which you reported on both legal approval of a limited missile shield and the United States’ plans to drop sanctions against (name of country).

According to your article, the proponents of national missile defense say that the (name of country) is a nuclear threat, and that we must spend (amount of money) billion to stop missiles they don't even have. Yet the United States is planning to lift sanctions on (country) as the leadership of that country displaying vision and courage stopped testing its missiles and took proper diplomatic steps.

If it is so then why according to our government, we need this technologically unsound missile shield when it will risk starting a new arms race. The wise course is to seek complete elimination of nuclear weapons, something my country has promised for____ years, but with little progress.



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