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Write a letter about Extension Week

Dear Editor
I would like to inform you that our local Extension office (city/town name) will celebrate a week-long (date) celebration in recognition and celebration of Extension programs, staff and volunteers. Designated as Extension Week, this year’s celebration will focus around the theme of “Helping You Become Your Best.” 

I have first hand experience with these Extension programs and seen as how Extension has helped myself and many people in this community “become their best.” (Fill this space with a personal story about how Extension has impacted the life of the writer or the community around him/her.)

I would like to stress that Extension’s presence in this community is a valuable tool that we all use for many purposes. Its programs in Agriculture and Natural Resources, Business and Industry, Communities, families, and Youth Development and Continuing Education touch the lives of all (area name) residents. 

Therefore, kindly join us in celebration of Extension Week, its people, its programs and its vital role in helping (name of town) become its very best. 




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