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Letter to the Editor about the Ecological System.

Dear Editor


This letter is with regard to the headlines in your newspaper (name of newspaper) dated (---). The headlines lumped the Washington Toxics Coalition, Greenpeace and the state Department of Ecology into a camp of "scare mongerers," and "wrong-headed radicals" ridiculing a laudable effort by the Department of Ecology to protect our health from the very worst-known chemical pollutants.

However, let it be known that Professor --------- has actually been misquoted. No reputable scientist would ever claim that "over half" of the Department of Ecology's list of _____bio accumulative chemicals of concern to be targeted for source reduction were found in nature. He implied that natural sources of such chemicals were anything but a tiny fraction of the known sources which have been, or remain, a cause for alarm. These deadly chemicals are also found in nature in minute quantities. However, the point is to prevent the needless, self-imposed man-made risks. As a society we are needlessly poisoning ourselves with excessive outputs of harmful chemicals, including the killer chemicals like DDT, PCBs, etc., that have already been banned or phased out by regulatory action.

Therefore, I would ask you to clear your facts before publishing false reports as it harms the reputation of people concerned.




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