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  A1 Letters  





Write a letter complaining about the condition of the School premises.

Dear Sir,


This is to inform you that I am a school employee at (name of school) in (name of city/town, etc). While walking into a classroom on (date), I became concerned that both my and some of the students’ health might be at risk in school as I noticed (Explain what you saw that you think could affect your or the health of a student, ex mold, pests, peeling paint, asbestos, lack of fire extinguishers, etc.). It violates the law (mention the law).

As a concerned teacher, I would like to know as what can be done to remedy this situation since it is putting the health and life of me and my students in danger. In case you want to make some queries, call me at (phone number) or write me at the above address and tell me how and when this problem will get resolved. 

Thank you for your time and help. 



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