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  A1 Letters  






Write a letter complaining about a faulty Product.


Dear Sir/Madam 

Re: (account or transaction number or product details) 

This is to inform you that on (date) I purchased (type of product) from (contact name) at (location). However, I am sorry to inform you that I encountered a problem with your product (explain the problem in the order that the events occurred).

In order to resolve this problem, I have (actions you have already taken; include dates and contact information for anyone you have already spoken to about your concern). 

I would appreciate if you help in resolving this problem by taking appropriate measures (explain what you would like to see done). I am, hereby enclosing copies of my records [include copies of any related account statements, trade confirmations, letters you have written or received about the issue, receipts, cancelled cheques, etc.)

I shall look forward to your reply and wait for ten business days before seeking help from another source. You may contact me at the above address or call me at (phone number).





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