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Write a letter complaining against a faulty Product.

Dear Sir/Madam


I have been advised by the Regulated Industries Complaints Office (RICO) to write this letter to you and bring the matter to your attention. On (date), I (bought, leased, rented, had repaired, signed a contract, etc) for (name of product or service performed) at (location).

However, I have not been satisfied with your (product/service) because (state the problem) and I am disappointed because (explain your concerns).

I would appreciate if you take appropriate measures to solve the problem (state the specific action you want). For the purpose I am also enclosing copies of my records (receipts, warranty, cancelled checks – front and back, contracts, etc).

I shall look forward to your written reply and resolution to my problem. Kindly Please respond within 10 days of the receipt of this letter. If I do not hear from you I shall have to seek assistance from RICO. You may contact me at the above address or by telephone at (phone number).




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