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Write a letter complaining about the bad treatment you received.


Dear Sir/Madam


Re:  (write Patient's name, date of birth, address) 

I am writing this letter to complain about the treatment at (name of place). ( include details about your complaint about a particular member of staff). (Include names and positions of people involved, if relevant.  If the events are very detailed, list the main points in the letter in date order, and enclose further background information on separate sheets enclosed with the letter.  Don’t leave out relevant information or any part of your complaint.)    

(include details of your dissatisfaction with the treatment and also incude the specific questions that you would like to be answered). I would appreciate if you take appropriate measures towards the resolution of my problem ( include as how you would like the solution of your problem, such as an apology, an explanation, action to put things right, reassurance that the same thing will not happen to someone else.) 

I would be immensely pleased if you would carry out a full investigation into my concerns and provide a response in accordance with the NHS complaints procedure. I shall look forward to receiving your reply. You may contact me at my address or call me (phone number) in case you need my assistance in the matter.

Yours faithfully



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