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Write a complaint letter against a Bank.


Re:  Formal Complaint against [Name of Bank and Bank's address, city and state]         

Dear Sir/ Madam 

I am writing this letter to inform you that I recently applied for a loan with the above-referenced bank and was denied credit because (give the reason why the bank told you your application was denied.)  I have attached a copy of the written notification the bank gave me for denying my credit application. 

I believe that the true reason this bank denied me credit was based on my (sex or race or marital status) and that this bank has violated my rights under the (law/act). I would like to inform you that my income is sufficient to qualify for the loan, and my debt-to-income ratio is within an acceptable range. Moreover, I have excellent credit to the tune of (amount). However, your loan officer (name) asked me several inappropriate questions about how many children I plan to have and if I plan to get married soon. I found these queries quite inappropriate.

I am, hereby attaching copies of all pertinent paperwork to this letter for your information.  


Name, Address,Telephone number



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