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Write a letter complaining about a financial adviser.

Dear Sir

Complaint Customer Reference No (-------)

I am writing this letter to complain about the financial advice I received from one of your advisers (name). I would like to inform you that on (date) I, along with my husband had a meeting with (name of adviser) at his office at (address). We told (name of adviser) that, since we are both retired, we wanted to put our money into safe investments and that we could not afford to risk losing any of our capital. Therefore, your adviser advised us to invest (amount) in the (name of fund), which is managed by (name of company).

I am also enclosing a copy of a statement which we were sent this week. The statement shows that our original investment is now worth only (amount). This is indeed a grave matter as it has resulted in substantial loss for us on the bad advice by your adviser.

I would like to withdraw my money from the (name of Fund) immediately and be compensated for the loss in our original investment. I shall look forward to your reply about the matter.




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