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Write a letter complaining against the lack of access for Persons with Disabilities in a Store.

Dear Sir/Madam

This is my second letter to you with regard to the lack of access for persons with disabilities into your store (see attached letter). However, I am yet to receive a reply to my earlier letter.

I would like to reiterate again that as the owner/operator of a place of business, you are mandated by the (name of law/act) of (year) to make your store, along with its goods and services, accessible to persons with disabilities. Failure to do so could result in the filing of a formal complaint against your business with the concerned governmental authorities.

I hope that you will review this situation and take appropriate steps to resolve it since by removing the barriers that are in place, you will only profit in your business by opening it up to new customers along with their families and friends.

Kindly feel free to contact me to discuss this matter in more detail at my adress or call me at (your telephone number).



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