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Write a letter complaining to the Customer Relation officer about the misbehavior and irresponsible work of the Customer Service Representative.

Dear Sir

This is to state that on (date), I purchased a (name of item) at (name of Store, address). However, on (date), I returned the item to your customer service department because it had a missing part (---) and could not be assembled. Your customer service representative ordered the missing part from your warehouse, informing me it would arrive within ten days.

However, two months have passed, but it has not arrived. I contacted your customer service department on (address) and (date). On each of those occasions, your customer service representative assured me that the missing part is en route from your warehouse. Taking into consideration the delay, I asked the representative to reimburse my money since I am unable to use the (item) without the missing part, but he told me that it is not store policy to refund my money because I opened the package and partially assembled the item.

I am, therefore writing you to request that my money be refunded in full. Kindly contact me at the address given above, or call me at (your number).

Yours truly,


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