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Write a letter complaining to an Aircraft supplier about a Guidance system Malfunction.

Dear Sir

This letter is with regard to our recent purchase of (name of aircraft), which are equipped with the latest Limphome Guidance Systems. The spit-polished, chromed fighter planes looed sharp as they were all poised for flight just eleven hours after being painted with your outdoor, fast drying, all season latex Stealth paint.

When the planes were in the air ready to perform the Critical Response Air Strategic Hazards (CRASH) Demonstration, but during the Directional Equipment Testing of User Requirements (DETOUR) segment, a snag developed. According to the pilots, there was a malfunction occurred in the Limphome Guidance Systems shortly after take-off. The guidance computer readouts became increasingly radical untilit was determined that the systems were useless for navigational purposes.

We, hereby enclose our analytical report with regard to the guidance systems before, during, and after the malfunction occurred. We are already making preparations in order to provide a fully equipped hanger for repair or replacement of the Limphome Guidance Systems when the results of your investigation are
final. We, would like this matter handled as quickly and quietly as possible. Depending on your findings, kindly send the replacement parts needed for repair or the replacement systems to the following address (address).

Kindly keep us informed on the progress of your investigation.



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