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Write a letter complaining to pay a Parking Charge twice.

Dear Sir

This letter is to inform you about the problems that I faced in your parking garage. There have been two occasions in which I have had to pay the full parking price of (amount) in the last (number of months).

The last such incident occurred today at (time) when I had come t meet a colleague for a business meeting in your new restaurant. I had my parking
ticket validated by the cashier. However, when we finished eating, I inadvertently left my parking ticket on my tray and by the time I noticed my ticket missing, our table trays had been cleared away.

Although I explained this matter to the man in the parking garage booth, he informed me that a lost ticket would cost me (amount).
In order to get back to work on time, I paid the (amount) and left. I don't find this policy of charging a lost ticket at appropriate.

I hope such a thing is not repeated again.



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