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Write a letter complaining to the Civil Council about indecent activities in the Public Areas.

Dear Sir

This is to bring your kind attention to various activities that are utterly disgusting when done in public. I would appreciate if you look into as what can be done about them:

(1)  People who "pick" their nose in public.
(2)  People who use profane language in public.
(3)  People who "fart" in public.

I, as a decent citizen feel that a law should be passed to prevent such unhealthy activities - both physical and mental.  If that's not possible, can we make sure these people are separated by law from those who don't practice such dirty activities?

I suggest that in each and every public facility signs be posted
as follows:

(1)  "Nose" picking area.
(2)  "Profanity" user area.
(3)  "Farting" section. 

I realize that you are very busy with the "No smoking" Ordinance, but can an amendment be attached to the ordinance to handle these disgraceful practices as well. I shall appreciate if you look into the matter.



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