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Write a letter complaining about an unfortunate experience with the Company.


Dear Sir/Madam,


This is to inform  you of the unfortunate experience that I had with (name of company/store/service provider etc). I have been a customer with (name of company) for (period of time).

I want to inform you that since past many years I I have been using your products to much satisfaction, and have been an avid user of your sugar-free candies, and also have recommended it to many people like myself, who try to avoid eating sugar.

However, my recent experience with your company has left me disapponted. (Include details about what haapened and why you are dissatisfied with this product). I am including relevant information, which may be required by you (information about the barcode, date of purchase, store name, bill etc)

I would like you to compensate me for this regrettable experience (state how you want to be compensated) so that my faith in your company remains intact. I shall look forward to your reply regarding the resolution of the matter. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call me at (phone no.).



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