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  A1 Letters  





Write a letter of complaint against a Represtative of Collection Agency.


Re: Complaint Against [Name of Collection Agency], Case No. ________

Name of Government Agency

To (name of agency official)

I am writing to complain about the above-named collection agency. This collection agency engaged in the following unfair and abusive collection practices specifically prohibited by the (specify law and Act). This has resulted in various problems for me (for example, any loss of income, privacy etc.).

I would like to inform you that on [date(s)] [name of collection agency] contacted me at my place of employment after having been notified in writing that my employer prohibits such contacts and the [name of collection agency employee] used obscene and abusive language. [Add appropriate details here.]

On [date(s)] [name of collection agency employee] contacted my neighbor, and without being asked, revealed the name of the collection agency and discussed the details of the debt the agency claims I owe. I request that your agency investigate the practices of [name of collection agency] and take appropriate enforcement action to stop these unfair and abusive practices.

Thank you.




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