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Write a letter of complaint against Insurance Company to your Legislator.

Dear Sir/Madam


This is to bring to your kind attention that I am a registered voter in your district, therefor,  I want to express my concerns regarding what I have experienced in the auto repair industry. Insurance companies are trying to take even more control of people's decisions and lives.

Earlier the insurance company (name) influenced my doctors and my pharmacy, it is now trying to influence where I take my automobile to have it repaired after a collision. The insurance company is trying to interfere with my right to choose the collision repair facility that I trust to make the proper and necessary repairs and to use the quality parts that meet the manufacturer’s safety and performance standards. However, the laws and regulations prohibit insurance companies from steering me to or away from a specific repair facility, but they do so routinely to change those consumer protection measures, under the guise of "helping" consumers select qualified shops through its networks.

I value my right to choose my own collision repair facility – one I know can be trusted to look out for my interests, not one looking out for the financial interests of the insurance company that sends them a steady flow of business. Insurance companies contract with these referral shops regarding the costs and the repair procedures. The insurance company sets the rules and the referral or preferred shop simply follows them to keep the insurance companies’ costs down. I pay insurance premiums with the expectation of receiving safe and proper repairs; not cheap repairs. If we allow the insurance industry to control where and how our vehicles are repaired, we are in effect endorsing cheap repairs for high premiums.

I would appreciate if you protect the rights and safety of drivers, and passengers, in this area and protect our right to choose.




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