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Write a letter to the Department of Business regulation or the Attorney General.

Dear Sir/Madam


I am writing this letter to file a complaint against (insurance company name, address, phone number and name of person you dealt with). I am also attaching your official complaint form to this letter.

I would like to inform you that my name is (name) and I have paid insurance premiums to this company for (number of years) years. Presently, I am filing a claim to get my vehicle restored to its prior condition to the collision, the insurance company is trying to interfere with my right to choose the collision repair facility that I trust to make the proper and necessary repairs and to use only quality parts.

I know it is illegal for the insurance company to intimidate me or try to dissuade me from making this choice rather than using their direct repair shops. However, on (date) this is just what happened. (Briefly explain the incident with specific details).

I would appreciate if you kindly look into this matter and help in resolution of the problem. In case you have any queries kindly call me at (telephone number). I shall be grateful to you for your efforts.




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