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  A1 Letters  





Write a letter complaining against the poor service of the vehicle.

Dear Sir/Madam

This is to inform you that I purchased a (make, model, year of vehicle) on (date) from (name of dealership) in (city, state). The vehicle identification number or VIN number is (vehicle identification number). Since I bought the vehicle, I have had to return it to the dealership a total of (number of times the vehicle was returned to an authorized dealer for repairs) times. My vehicle has been in (name of dealership) for repairs on the following dates (Date in/out) for repair of the following defects (List problems).

Presently I am having the following problems with my vehicle (list all problems the vehicle currently has). These remaining defects substantially impair the use, market value or safety of my vehicle. I am hereby allowing you one final repair opportunity. If these repairs are not completed within seven business days of receipt of this letter, I am entitled to a replacement vehicle acceptable to me or a refund calculated in accordance with the law (specify law).

I would like to inform you that failure to comply with the law will force me to take you to the court. I hope to hear from you soon.



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